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Get That Glow From Head To Toe

The summer is a crazy time for your skin. From going to the beach to sweating every time you walk out the door, your skin goes through a lot. You may think you’re doing a great job with your skin by keeping up with your professional treatments and staying consistent with your home regimen but what about your body? You want perfect skin all over, not just your face. Body treatments are a must every month just like your facial treatments and what better time to start after your skin has gone through so much this summer. 

Like any treatment we do, we will customize it to fit your needs. Whether you’re having trouble with cellulite, restless legs, or just need a really good exfoliation; we’ll focus on the areas you’re most concerned about.

We start off our body treatments with Lotion P50 Corps. P50 is not just for your face; your whole body needs a proper exfoliation. Not only does the P50 Corps remove dead skin cells but it also purifies, balances, and protects the epidermis. The gloves that we use in this treatment are designed to specifically treat and stimulate the skin; perfect for removing any dead cells and stimulating cellulite.

After the P50 Corps, we go in with the Gommage P50 Corps to give the skin an extra exfoliation. Dead skin cell buildup can be difficult to break down, especially around the knees and elbows. This product removes that buildup and optimizes cell renewal to reveal a more radiant appearance. The Gommage also properly prepares the skin for the products applied after to give you the most out of your products.

If you’re dealing with loss of elasticity and firmness is certain areas, Serum Matriciel for the body helps to refine the skin’s texture by firming, plumping, and moisturizing.  This serum penetrates deep with its active ingredients to firm and improve circulation in areas of concern.

Lastly, we finish the treatment with Emulsion Originelle Regenerante Corps which restores and hydrates the skin. This product is like a cocoon for your skin, protecting against harsh weather like wind and locking in replenishing factors that your skin needs.

We offer a variety of body products at the spa so you can customize your body routine at home, just like your skincare routine. To maintain the results you get with the treatment, you have to incorporate these products into your daily routine.

Emulsion Mains PIGM 400 is one my favorite products. Your hands are a big giveaway of your age. This cream deeply moisturizes your hands while toning and treating any dark spots.

Creme R-Stria is essential for anyone dealing with red stretch marks. For white stretch marks, we have Creme B-Stria. These creams not only correct existing stretch marks but will prevent new ones from forming by stimulating growth of new collegen and elastine. For all my expecting and post baby clients, you will love this product!

Huile Benefique is one of our most versatile products. It can serve as a body, hair and/or face oil. This dry oil leaves your skin silky smooth and glowing without the greasy feeling. Many people lighten their hair during the summer and this oil is perfect for replenishing your hair back to a glossy look.

So schedule your body treatment now and let us get all your skin glowing like your face. We’ll see you next week for more exciting Toska Tips.

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Let’s Get Shady

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Summer Skin

Summer is here, and everyone is on the hunt of how to achieve glowing skin. Skin issues arise this time of year and can be tricky to fix and prevent. Whether it’s pesky skin flare ups from sweating in the summer heat or pigmentation and dehydration from the sun’s rays, using the right products can push those problems aside and give you skin that truly glows.

The first essential step in your summertime skincare regimen is proper cleansing. In the morning, start off with Lait EV. This cleansing milk is perfect to keep impurities away and the skin hydrated. I always recommend for my clients to double cleanse in the evening to ensure that both impurities and makeup are removed from the skin. Start off your double cleanse with Micellaire Biosensible. It is a gentle cleanser that contains hydrating and toning properties to the skin and is a great way to remove makeup. Following, go in with the Lait EV to assure a deep cleanse without stripping the skin of its natural moisture levels.

Sun spots are a major concern for my clients and summer tends to make them worse. One of the Lotion P50s should be including in everyone’s regimen. For the summer, the P50 PIGM 400 is an excellent choice to get that exfoliation while brightening and treating pigmentation. 

As for serums, there are two that I love to combine during the summer to treat and hydrate the skin. The first serum is Complexe Iribiol. This serum is perfect for keeping the complexion clear and poreless. It also helps regulate sebum and balances the skin. To have the perfect summer skin, not only do you keep to have clear, but you also have to keep it properly hydrated to get that “glow.” To hydrate and soothe the skin, the second serum you need is Amniotique E. This product will help dehydrated skin caused by harmful sun rays and common activities, such as the chlorine from swimming pools. 

As I mentioned before, pigmentation is a common issue that occurs during the summertime. Treating and preventing is the best way to fading these sun spots and make sure they stay away. Including both the Serum PIGM 400 and Creme PIGM 400 will lighten existing spots and prevent new ones from forming. 


Visolastine+ and Vernix are both amazing mask choices for healthy summer skin. Visolastine+ moisturizes and improves skin elasticity with fatty acids. Creme Masque

Vernix strengthens the protective barrier and gives the skin a “second birth.” For best results, I recommend alternating between the two masks every night after using P50. 

The last thing I cannot stress enough is keeping up with your professional appointments. Consistency is key, and the results will not disappoint. 

So be sure to soak up these products and not the sun this summer, and get ready to watch your skin transform into the skin you’ve always dreamed of. Stay tuned for more Toska Tips next week.