Crème Dermopurifiante

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Purifying and Unifying Cream recommended for imbalanced and/or reactive skin.

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For seborrheic, unbalanced and/or reactive skin

Result : brightens and mattifies the skin, leaving it refreshed and glowing.
Product description : this purifying cream reduces redness caused by acne and regulates sebum secretion. It protects the epidermis against external aggressions. It provides effective treatment for seborrheic skin without drying out the epidermis. It is recommended for imbalanced and/or reactive skin.
Direction for use : apply a hazelnut-sized amount of Crème Dermopurifiante on the face after previously using the recommended Lotion P50 and the Quintessential Serums. If your skin feels tight, apply an intensely moisturizing serum before the cream.

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1.7 oz.


Sebo-regulating platform: Rose Hip extract, Complex made of Enantia Chlorantha and Oleanic Acid

Soothing platform: Centella Asiatica extract, Arnica extract, Meadowsweet extract

Purifying platform: Yeast extract, Vitamin B3, Specific Biologique Recherche Phyto-Complex

Astringent platform: Burdock extract, Mimosa Tenuiflora extract, Complex based on Myrrh, Myrtle and Onion

100 reviews for Crème Dermopurifiante

  1. Stephanie (verified owner)

  2. Diana (verified owner)

    The best place to buy biologique recherche products, very fast shipping, customer service ! Love this cream! I use it to clean my pores as a detox night cream. Ingredients are really good and love that has arnica, very calming to the skin.

  3. wallaces19 (verified owner)

    Very happy with my purchase.

  4. olalade O. (verified owner)

  5. Emily Oliver (verified owner)

  6. Samantha C. (verified owner)

  7. Sandra N. (verified owner)

    My absolute favorite part of my day is applying my Creme.

  8. terra mowatt (verified owner)

  9. Catherine M. (verified owner)

    My holy grail product! Cannot live without it!! Keeps my acne under control and stops new breakouts in its track! You need this creme!!! The best!

  10. Meleah (verified owner)

    Creme Dermopurifiante has been a game changer for my skin. It has helped clear up my breakouts leaving my skin feel so soft and clear. So glad I know have this product.

  11. Sarah (verified owner)

  12. Julie Townsend (verified owner)

  13. Christin Northrop (verified owner)

  14. Elizabeth Paschal (verified owner)

  15. Stephen S. (verified owner)

    Takes my skin to a new level

  16. April J. (verified owner)

    I love these creme, my skin texture is smoothing out and my skin is glowing

  17. Barbara S. (verified owner)

  18. Naomi K. (verified owner)

    Holy grail product for acne prone, combo skin. I use it year round, morning and night. If I am dry I will mix in a little Vernix, if I am oily will use the smallest amount possible while still covering all areas. I layer sunscreen and very light makeup on top.

  19. Tiffany J. (verified owner)

  20. Anonymous (verified owner)

  21. Ana K. (verified owner)

  22. Jessica O. (verified owner)


  23. Rachael (verified owner)

  24. Tatyana R. (verified owner)

    I have very oily skin and this moisture while combating oil. My skin feel supple and glows after use.

  25. Anonymous (verified owner)

    A wonderful moisturizer. Shipped super quickly as well!

  26. KAMILLA GUMBATOVA (verified owner)

    Love this crème for several things. It’s light textured, absorbs into your skin while leaving it moisturized and soft but not sticky. Lotion P50 followed but Serum Dermapore and this amazing crème in a jar have visibly transformed my skin in just a few weeks and I look forward to seeing what it does for me longterm!

  27. Annie L. (verified owner)

  28. Patty (verified owner)

  29. Stephanie Ellis (verified owner)

  30. Anonymous (verified owner)

  31. Drew (verified owner)

  32. Megan G. (verified owner)

    I saw a difference in the texture of my skin almost immediately!

  33. Cheryl Pham (verified owner)

  34. Shannon C. (verified owner)

    It’s only been a week but my daughter’s skin is so much better already!

  35. Christine Palmer (verified owner)

    Shipping is always so fast and the packaging is beautiful! BR products are the most wonderful and effective I have ever used.

  36. Holly (verified owner)

    Love this moisturizer for my acne prone skin. It’s been a game changer and I actually do love the smell!

  37. Margie (verified owner)

  38. Veronica (verified owner)

    This is my go-to cream for acne instants. It has a great texture and feels good on the skin. When my skin calms down, and I need more anti-aging and moisture, I switch to Crème ADN Elastine Marine Collagène Marin which is still good for acne prone skin. Love both!

  39. Heather (verified owner)

    Love this creme. My skin is glowing.

  40. Anonymous (verified owner)

  41. Matt Leavell (verified owner)

  42. Katherine Loera (verified owner)

    This was a gift for my daughter and it was to her quickly! Great experience!

  43. Josephine Calamari (verified owner)

  44. Anonymous (verified owner)

  45. Allison S. (verified owner)

  46. Lynleigh M. (verified owner)

  47. Anonymous (verified owner)

  48. Nora (verified owner)

    a midweight, cool moisturizer that helps to decongest and protect my sensitive and reactive skin.

  49. Aquiles Oraa (verified owner)

    Feels great. Non greasy product with a matte finish. A little goes a long way.

  50. Amy M. (verified owner)

    I love this creme! It helps keep my pores clean & gives a subtle glow.

  51. Kistler Ulmer (verified owner)

  52. Allison (verified owner)

  53. Greta C. (verified owner)

  54. Yasmine (verified owner)

    Really great if you have acne-prone skin. It moisturize and keeps your skin calm. It does not leave your skin greasy.

  55. Catalina (verified owner)

  56. Alana R. (verified owner)

    My HG cream. Keeps new breakouts at bay and heals any current ones you have. I’m also dry so I don’t mind that this is a bit “heavier” feeling than some others.

  57. Cecily T. (verified owner)

    Really great lotion! I’ll definitely be purchasing again. I can see a difference in my skin immediately after applying.

  58. Colleen (verified owner)

    My “got to have creme”. It has made a huge difference with my skin. My face loves loves loooooves it. ❤❤

  59. Alex (verified owner)

  60. Jacqueline (verified owner)

    This feels amazing, like putting whipped champagne on my skin. Haha!

  61. Chelsea L. (verified owner)

  62. Brooke D. (verified owner)

  63. Mary Brister (verified owner)

    So good! It has honestly changed my skin.

  64. Delia (verified owner)

  65. Tara Havard (verified owner)

    Package was roughed up and had a damage sticker from usps. Everything was still good inside. Toska, This is Tara, Vicki’s daughter. Thank you.

  66. Colleen Murphy (verified owner)

    The best product ever!! Super quick shipping and love the samples included. My favorite skin care line. Thanks Toska ❤ Colleen

  67. Amber M. (verified owner)

    The only moisturizer ever that I have not broken out from or that I don’t feel like I’m being weighed down and greasy. Absorbs so well and takes very little product to get the job done. Has a strange, fishy smell, but honestly who cares when it works so well. If it smells “weird” it tends to work.

  68. Camille (verified owner)

  69. Chelsea L. (verified owner)

  70. Ellen M. (verified owner)

  71. Cindy W. (verified owner)

    This product has changed my skin!

  72. Anonymous (verified owner)

  73. Charlotte Woodward (verified owner)

  74. Antoinette (verified owner)

  75. Paul (verified owner)

    The best!

  76. Audrey Garden (verified owner)

  77. Amy H. (verified owner)

    Very strong yeast smell and mattifying powers but this cream is great for acne prone skin. It helps heal blemishes faster and keep them from appearing.

  78. Anonymous (verified owner)

  79. Lindsay G. (verified owner)

    Helps keep my hormonal acne prone skin clear. I can’t go without.

  80. Eva (verified owner)

    Feels like medicine for the face, husband hates the smell but oh well …

  81. Paul (verified owner)

  82. Danica B. (verified owner)

  83. Rayana L. (verified owner)

    I will never not keep this in my house. I didn’t know how much it was working until I slowed down my use to every few days when my first jar got low. As a 30 year old woman who’s still breaking out, this is another line of defense that my skin loves. I recommend this to everyone!

  84. Jennifer T. (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this product as part of my regime for the past 2.5 months and truly believe it’s changed my skin. This is the first time, in my life, I’ve had clear skin and am confident going without makeup. Trust the regime Toska Spa recommends- will never go back to another skincare line.

  85. Natalya (verified owner)

  86. Yulia Budd (verified owner)

    Best moisturizer I have used! Love everything about it!

  87. Cagney (verified owner)

  88. Victoria (verified owner)

    This is an excellent cream unlike any other product I’ve used. I first tried Creme Dermopurifiante as a sample and was immediately hooked! The texture is very light and silky with a whipped consistency so a small amount goes a long way. I’ve also noticed that my blemishes heal quicker when I use both Serum Iribiol and Dermopurifiante together than when I just use Serum Iribiol.

  89. Carlos P. (verified owner)

    Great for my oily acne prone skin. Love the finish and te hydration

  90. Tessa (verified owner)

  91. Angela Miller (verified owner)

    Worth every penny!!

  92. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Absolutely loving this face lotion!

  93. Rian Freedman (verified owner)

    LOVE! description is 100% accurate.

  94. Ellen M. (verified owner)

  95. Jillian H. (verified owner)

  96. Ashley S. (verified owner)

  97. Mary (verified owner)

  98. Esther Rivera (verified owner)

  99. Cristian Serrano (verified owner)

    Keeps my skin nice and hydrated.

  100. Viviana Toledo (verified owner)

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