Sérum Dermopore

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Tightening and Rebalancing Serum.

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Result: tightens the pores.

Product description: rebalancing serum that helps tighten dilated pores, prevent comedone formation and refine irregularities of the skin grain. Recommended for seborrheic or thick Skin Instants with dilated pores.

Directions for use: extract 1 ml of Sérum Dermopore. On clean skin, apply the serum to the whole face, neck and décolleté by lightly massaging upwards until complete absorption of the product. Apply well on the median zone wich is generally denser in sebaceous glands.

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0.3 oz., 1.0 oz.

55 reviews for Sérum Dermopore

  1. staci (verified owner)

  2. Elisabeth Ravenel (verified owner)

  3. Jelena Djordjevic (verified owner)

    Amazing! I have been using it for like a month. My pores on my nose are defiantly smaller!

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

  5. olalade O. (verified owner)

  6. Karlie (verified owner)

  7. terra mowatt (verified owner)

  8. Catherine M. (verified owner)

    LOVE dermopore! I definitely see a huge improvement with my pores and it helps regulate breakouts by keeping my pores clean.

  9. Jenny (verified owner)

  10. Christin Northrop (verified owner)

  11. Tatyana (verified owner)

  12. Ann D. (verified owner)

  13. Anonymous (verified owner)

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

  15. Anonymous (verified owner)

  16. Katherin Nieto (verified owner)

  17. Annette Rivera (verified owner)

    My skin feel so good after I used it!!

  18. Charlotte S. (verified owner)

    My T-zone is so happy with this is on my vanity!

  19. KAMILLA GUMBATOVA (verified owner)

  20. Christin Northrop (verified owner)

    This is one of my favorites. I have always struggled with large pores and I really feel like this is helping!

  21. Tatyana Ray (verified owner)

    Holy grail in a bottle ❤️

  22. Lydia (verified owner)

  23. Christin Northrop (verified owner)

    I love this and can’t definitely tell a difference since using this! It’s one of my favorites!

  24. Natalia (verified owner)

  25. Stephanie Ellis (verified owner)

    Love it!

  26. Tracy Plyler (verified owner)

  27. Anonymous (verified owner)

  28. Theresa (verified owner)

  29. Lisa Todd (verified owner)

  30. Cindy Sides (verified owner)

  31. Anonymous (verified owner)

  32. Catalina (verified owner)

  33. Whitney (verified owner)

    So far this stuff is amazing in combo with the lotion p50 and my other routine!

  34. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing!!! I love it already, after only a few days. I cannot wait to see how this serum works on my oily t-zone in the long term. Toska is my favorite place to shop for skincare. They always give deluxe samples, and have quick delivery too! You have a customer for life!!!

  35. Anonymous (verified owner)

  36. Colleen Murphy (verified owner)

  37. Alexis (verified owner)

    Love this stuff. My pores are shrinking!!

  38. Anonymous (verified owner)

  39. Izabela (verified owner)

  40. Judith (verified owner)

  41. Dawn (verified owner)

  42. Mai Nguyen (verified owner)

  43. Hallie Bailey (verified owner)

    Now I will never be able to live without this

  44. Anna (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing. Early days yet, but I think my ingrown hair follicles on my chin which usually turn into small zits are disappearing. And stubborn breakouts where my glasses touch my nose are improving.

  45. Kimberly m. (verified owner)

  46. Buffy York (verified owner)

  47. Aude (verified owner)

    Pores are tighter.

  48. Pam Krafft (verified owner)

  49. Natalya (verified owner)

  50. Kimberly mims (verified owner)

  51. Melissa Coggeshall (verified owner)

  52. Anonymous (verified owner)

    So far, so good. I’ve been using it and my pores are less visible.

  53. Jennifer C. (verified owner)

  54. Lesley Lambert (verified owner)

  55. stacey crowell (verified owner)

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