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Clarifying Radiance Serum- Expert of Light

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Clarifies like a gradually acting peel. The essence of luminosity, this concentrate reveals a unified and radiant complexion.

This instantly penetrating serum contains a clarifying complex and glycolic acid which work together to target the complexion’s well-being.
Day after day, it liberates the skin from dull residue, unveiling a radiant, unified complexion. Skin is left more supple and soft.

Suitable for all skin types prone to marks or lacking radiance.


Clarifying complex: balances melanin, unifying and brightening the complexion.

Glycolic acid: unifies pigmentation and refines skin’s texture.

Directions for use:

Morning and/or evening, apply a few drops allover clean face.
Follow by applying the appropriate cream.

* Avoid contact with the eyes. In case of intense discomfort or tingling, immediately rinse with clean water. Not suitable for sensitive or reactive skin.

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