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Here Comes the Bride

You want your wedding day to be perfect and that includes having perfect skin. So many of our clients come to us desperate for improvement in their skin before they say “I do.” Whether you’re breaking out, dull, pigmented, lacking tone or all of the above, we have the best treatments and at-home regimen for your skin.

First, let’s talk time frame. Many clients come in just weeks before their wedding, and realistically, only so much can be done in that amount of time. It took time for your skin to get the way it is, so it’s going to take time to fix it. Starting at least six months prior to the big day is going to give you the best results.  

Everyone’s skin needs are different, so when it comes to what type of treatment and how often you should be coming, it is going to vary from person to person. Be sure to give your skin time and come well in advance to determine the best treatment plan for YOU. 

Remember that you have to use the products at home to obtain the results you want. Think of it like losing weight; you can’t go to the gym once and get in shape. You have to be consistent and work at it everyday. It’s the same concept with your skin. 

To build the best home regimen, coming in for an appointment will allow our esthetician to choose the best products for your skin type. During your first session, our esthetician will use the Skin Instant Lab, which allows us to see what’s happening underneath the skin. With the results from the Skin Instant Lab and a personalized consultation, our esthetician will be able to prescribe the right treatment and products for you. 

The Cocktail d’Actifs Regenerants is a product that every single bride should be purchasing the month of their wedding. This product contains 10 serum bottles, and you will use half a bottle a day over the course of 20 days. Packed with vitamins and biotechnology, your skin will transform in these 20 days. The Cocktail improves texture, hydration, skin protective functions and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. No matter what skin type you have, this target serum is a must before your special day. 

Finishing serums are also essential for my brides. These serums lock in all the products you’ve applied to your skin and leaves a beautiful, luminous glow. If you are unsure which serum is best for you, a simple guide is:

Fluide VIP O2: If you are dull, acne prone or textured.

Serum Yall O2: If you are lacking tone or dehydrated.

Serum Grand Millesime: If you are devitalized, dull or aging.

Le Grande Serum: If you are lacking radiance, tone or aging (richest formula).

The last treatment before your big day should be our Overture Facial. This facial is specifically tailored for special occasions. Weddings are stressful and your skin reacts when you’re stressed. The Overture Facial is cold-based to help calm and soothe the skin. This treatment also includes a custom blend of serums for your skin’s needs. Your skin will be glowing after this treatment.

You want to look back at your wedding pictures and remember how beautiful you felt, so let us perfect your skin so Photoshop doesn’t have to. Remember to keep up with your treatments after your wedding as well. You don’t want all your hard work to go down the drain! Congratulations to all our beautiful brides-to-be, and we’ll see you next Tuesday for more Toska Tips.

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Let’s Get Shady

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Summer Skin

Summer is here, and everyone is on the hunt of how to achieve glowing skin. Skin issues arise this time of year and can be tricky to fix and prevent. Whether it’s pesky skin flare ups from sweating in the summer heat or pigmentation and dehydration from the sun’s rays, using the right products can push those problems aside and give you skin that truly glows.

The first essential step in your summertime skincare regimen is proper cleansing. In the morning, start off with Lait EV. This cleansing milk is perfect to keep impurities away and the skin hydrated. I always recommend for my clients to double cleanse in the evening to ensure that both impurities and makeup are removed from the skin. Start off your double cleanse with Micellaire Biosensible. It is a gentle cleanser that contains hydrating and toning properties to the skin and is a great way to remove makeup. Following, go in with the Lait EV to assure a deep cleanse without stripping the skin of its natural moisture levels.

Sun spots are a major concern for my clients and summer tends to make them worse. One of the Lotion P50s should be including in everyone’s regimen. For the summer, the P50 PIGM 400 is an excellent choice to get that exfoliation while brightening and treating pigmentation. 

As for serums, there are two that I love to combine during the summer to treat and hydrate the skin. The first serum is Complexe Iribiol. This serum is perfect for keeping the complexion clear and poreless. It also helps regulate sebum and balances the skin. To have the perfect summer skin, not only do you keep to have clear, but you also have to keep it properly hydrated to get that “glow.” To hydrate and soothe the skin, the second serum you need is Amniotique E. This product will help dehydrated skin caused by harmful sun rays and common activities, such as the chlorine from swimming pools. 

As I mentioned before, pigmentation is a common issue that occurs during the summertime. Treating and preventing is the best way to fading these sun spots and make sure they stay away. Including both the Serum PIGM 400 and Creme PIGM 400 will lighten existing spots and prevent new ones from forming. 


Visolastine+ and Vernix are both amazing mask choices for healthy summer skin. Visolastine+ moisturizes and improves skin elasticity with fatty acids. Creme Masque

Vernix strengthens the protective barrier and gives the skin a “second birth.” For best results, I recommend alternating between the two masks every night after using P50. 

The last thing I cannot stress enough is keeping up with your professional appointments. Consistency is key, and the results will not disappoint. 

So be sure to soak up these products and not the sun this summer, and get ready to watch your skin transform into the skin you’ve always dreamed of. Stay tuned for more Toska Tips next week.